Building an Enterprise GIS – Best Practices

Oil and gas organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of implementing GIS across the enterprise. GIS data is rapidly increasing in its relevance to a wide range of departments, including exploration and production, land management, health and safety, and business operations. No longer are GIS datasets limited to shapefiles on a single user’s desktop.

IT departments may not always be familiar with GIS data and the workflows used to create, manage and distribute this information. Esri provides several online resources to assist you in building a secure, stable, scalable and high-performance enterprise GIS system. Here are some key resources:

An Enterprise GIS Resource Center designed to help IT professionals implement a sustainable enterprise GIS by presenting best practices, patterns, and guidance in the areas of security, performance, and application architecture.

A comprehensive System Design Strategies Wiki that describes in detail the Esri system architecture design methodology and the fundamental principles that contribute to system performance and scalability.

dev_25300 A System Architecture Design Strategies instructor-led course that covers GIS infrastructure architecture alternatives and system architecture design strategies that support successful enterprise operations.

Building a GIS: System Architecture Design Strategies for Managers publication from Esri press, which includes a downloadable Capacity Planning Tool (CPT) and associated help videos that help you determine hardware and software needs by entering anticipated usage numbers for your implementation. The CPT is updated frequently to account for new hardware specifications.GIS2

An Enterprise GIS Implementation Gallery featuring performance benchmarks on various enterprise GIS implementation scenarios. Refer to this guide for understanding and applying these benchmarks.