What is a Surveyor?

Surveyors work with engineers, architects and private clients to produce precise descriptions (surveys and maps) of surface features of the Earth. They are licensed professionals who provide a vital service to the private community and real estate industries. Surveyors determine the exact location (surveying) and measurement of points, lines and contours of the Earth’s surface and prepare maps or reports showing specifications. They use instruments and the principles of geometry to find these exact measurements. Duties include legal research, studying physical evidence, checking the accuracy of the information gathered using mathematical computations, mapping the project using computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) systems, keeping notes, preparing maps, preparing reports, preparing legal descriptions of the survey, coordinating results (surveying) with the work of engineers, architects, and clients.

Surveying Services:

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Land Boundary Surveys
GIS & Designs
Cellular Communication Site Surveys
Control Surveys for Aerial Photography
Utility Corridor Surveying/Mapping
Geodetic Control Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Environmental Surveys