Survey-ServicesALTA/ACSM is a survey service performed to specifications as set forth by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. ALTA/ACSM surveys are required by many businesses, financial institutions and title companies to make sure that the survey service is performed to a recognized national standard. Shawnee has performed literally hundreds of these types of surveys, tailoring each survey to meet the individualized needs of our clients.

Purpose – Members of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) have specific needs, unique to title insurance matters, when asked to insure title to land without exception as to the many matters which might be discoverable from survey and inspection, and which are not evidenced by the public records. For a survey of real property, and the plat, map or record of such survey, to be acceptable to a title insurance company for the purpose of insuring title to said real property free and clear of survey matters (except those matters disclosed by the survey and indicated on the plat or map), certain specific and pertinent information must be presented for the distinct and clear understanding between the insured, the client (if different from the insured), the title insurance company (insurer), the lender, and the surveyor professionally responsible for the survey.

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Optional items available in an ALTA/ACSM Land Title:

  • Names of adjoining property owners
  • Easements that may encumber or benefit the property
  • Zoning of the property along with setback requirements
  • Flood Zones that may affect the subject property
  • Location of any water boundaries
  • Evidence of cemeteries
  • Possible encroachments across boundary lines or easements
  • Access to public street or right-of-way
  • Adverse possession claims effecting the property