Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Design

Shawnee has a complete GIS department to define the general layout and scope of the project. Thereafter, our survey department will complete all necessary survey information to elevate the project to our civil design engineers that address all surface aspects of the project area. Next Shawnee will address with the appropriate state agency(s) issues on the project and walk the client through the process for certification and condemnation authority.

Moving the Project Forward
Following a pre-approved plan for the project, all necessary notices are prepared and delivered before land agents work with individual landowners to acquire the necessary rights to allow the utility to cross the subject property. Once the rights are secured, Shawnee provides comprehensive property management to ensure the clearing and construction crews are allowed the ability to focus on construction and not worry about landowner issues. Finally, reporting and complete files are delivered in multiple formats to the client for incorporation into any proprietary land management system.

This vertically integrated approach allows for a very efficient process, start to finish, that ensures the best product for the best price. Industry professionals shepherd the project along the way to provide quality assurance to the client.