Shawnee (formerly known as Shawnee Survey & Consulting, Inc.) was formed in 1995 and operated out of Simpson, Illinois. The business was started with only two employees and a dream to provide quality professional land surveying services to southern Illinois. These commitments led to a steady path of growth over the next several years. Our continued commitment to our clients and our willingness to meet their needs allowed us to add additional employees and field crews to meet the ever-growing needs of municipalities, government agencies, and private survey work.

In 1999, we moved our business into our current facility in Vienna, Illinois and incorporated the business. Later that fall, after seeing the needs of our clients evolve to include the need for engineering services, we hired a Professional Engineer and began to pursue both public and private engineering projects. We have repeatedly provided a product with excellent quality to private and government clients. We strive to provide quality at an economical cost by staying within the allotted time schedule for each project. We are continuously upgrading our equipment so we can have the best and most accurate instrumentation available. This allows us to provide our services in a timely manner, and therefore keep the hours low on a project. We are also constantly looking for new and innovative methods in all aspects of our profession.

Shawnee has completed over 3000 boundary surveys for private clients, municipal clients, and government clients. Because of our cost efficient methods and quality work, various abstracters, attorneys, and real estate agencies have repeatedly recommended us to their clientele. We have also provided our services to many government agencies including the State of Illinois Department of Transportation, United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and NRCS. We have consistently met schedules and worked with the respective agency to provide our services within the budgeted amount. We have always met contract specifications in terms of accuracy and precision to ensure a quality finished product.

All personnel at Shawnee are thoroughly trained in their area of expertise, and all of our Survey Project Managers have degrees in the field of surveying. Shawnee’s field crews consist of thoroughly trained members with knowledge of topography surveys and boundary surveys. They employ all types of equipment, including GPS, robotic instruments, and conventional total stations with data collection.

Shawnee maintains a highly reliable computer network connecting all of our offices. We currently are utilizing AutoCAD Land Development Desktop with the Civil/Survey module. The firm also maintains stations with the latest version of Microstation with the Geopak module. This multitude of software allows us to meet the many formats that may be requested for a given project.

Shawnee Professional Services has four offices in two states, and continues to fulfill our commitment to provide Professional Land Surveying, Engineering and Energy Services to our clients.

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