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  • The Real Thing: Why Surveys Matter

    Zachary Garrett – Shawnee Professional Services Surveyors are licensed under state laws in all fifty states; surveying is subject to regulation because their work pertains to the protection of property rights. How do surveyors protect property rights? By encouraging confidence in the integrity of property boundaries and providing an orderly approach to solving property line disputes; both of these benefits come from the informed, reliable opinion provided by the surveyor based on education, training, and experience. This is the most vital aspect of the services that surveyors provide. Accurate measurements and readable plats are helpful, but surveyors provide a basis for confidence, conflict avoidance, and conflict resolution when it matters most. Read More
  • Hunter Martin & Associates, Inc. is now part of Shawnee Professional Services!

    Exciting news at our Paducah office: Hunter Martin & Associates, Inc. is joining with Shawnee Professional Services to become one of the major providers of land surveying and civil engineering services in western Kentucky and southern Illinois. Both companies have a history of dedication to personal service and professionalism, and we believe this partnership reinforces our respective strengths and allows us to focus on providing a consistently excellent product to our clients. Hunter Martin & Associates was established in 1952; Mr. Martin was involved in forming several water and sewer districts in the region, assisting in the development of many subdivisions, and designing Kentucky’s first lagoon-type wastewater treatment process. His son, Rod Read More
  • Information Should Be Faster Than Your Truck: Three Ways That a Mobile Workforce Solution Benefits Utilities

    Huge numbers of us live on our cell phones, from managing an account and shopping for food to diversions and excitement. There's an application for almost everything, making it simple for us to finish assignments with the touch of a button. Be that as it may, few of us have these desires for innovation in our expert lives. We are used to the thought that it may take a few spreadsheets or a few hours to share information and work our businesses. Now is the right time to change our expectations Innovation suppliers are filling this hole with portable applications that address enormous inefficiencies that result from the inability to Read More
  • IPLSA Members Volunteer Time and Expertise

    provided by Shawn VanKampen Last Saturday, 18 members of the NE Chapter of IPLSA volunteered to help start the recovery process for the Town of Fairdale, Illinois. Fairdale was in the direct path of a tornado on April 16, 2015 which destroyed almost half of the structures in town. After most of the clean-up was finished, the volunteer surveyors were allowed to survey the property corners and measure the topography. The field work will continue this Saturday with the setting of missing property corners and finalizing the topography. The Chapter is working with local authorities to provide the plats and maps needed to assist in the reconstruction process. As we Read More
  • How Oil and Gas Surveying Will Change in 2015

    In the early days of 2015, the oil and gas industry finds itself at a crossroads: external forces are in play, creating a situation where companies have to get accurate, detailed land surveys quickly, without having to pay too much for them. Those companies that can ensure the most affordability and value possible from their oil and gas surveying will be the ones that are in the best position to succeed in 2015 and beyond. In this post, we’re going to provide a quick overview of some of the ways that land surveying for the oil and gas industry is changing in 2015. Three ways that oil and gas surveying Read More
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