Hiring?  Here’s why you should consider finding your next employee through Shawnee Professional Services…

Our staff:

  • Cost of living index for southern seven Illinois counties: around 85 (100 is average)
  • Health insurance costs are lower
  • Expected salary range and benefit package is lower for Southern Illinois employees

Your staff:

  • Higher costs of living
  • You will pay full health insurance, dental insurance, weeks of vacation, several paid holidays
  • You will have to find a place for the employee during slow periods, or begin layoffs

Our professional staffing concept is simple: we strive to partner with surveying and engineering firms in urban areas in our region – companies like yours – to help you take advantage of low personnel costs in Southern Illinois, reduce the impact of seasonal work fluctuations, and decrease your administrative burden. Shawnee provides you with a trained staff member as needed, and we take care of the salary, benefits, human resources, etc. We will work to understand your business, and our employees will adhere to your processes and standards, quickly adapting to your work environment. Please consider making Shawnee’s Professional Staffing services an integral part of your staffing plans!

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